Tahoe League for Charity Lunch & Speaker Series

On Monday, August 13th Tahoe League for Charity held its monthly speaker/luncheon meeting at Jake’s on the Lake in Tahoe City.  Two speakers presented the facts and challenges of the Placer County superior court. Sharif Elmallah, a principal analyst and juvenile manger and Joseph Ford, assistant court executive officer who both spoke on the principle actions and structure of the “Judicial Council”. They described the council as the policymaking body of the California courts and explained how each judicial branch functions. Emphasis was placed on juvenile law consisting of delinquency, mental health, custody and the Foster Care System.  The speakers are accompanied by Trudy Lesem, Programs Chair.

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Our monthly luncheon meetings  feature many  other local speakers that offer us information on their non-profit organization as prospective grant recipients as well as city managers, school superintendants and scientific organizations. All of which keep us informed of events, environmental issues , city services and all the many efforts that keep our thriving community a vibrant locality.

TLC has contributed $175,000 in grants since its inception in 1995.